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Pauliann Long, LCSW-C



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Licensed Therapist serving the Greater D.C. and surrounding areas

  • Transformation: A marked change for the better
  • Community-based therapist dedicated to serving the greater D.C. area
  • "Pauliann cast a light into my childhood and made me realize – plain and simple – that it wasn’t my fault."
  • "My life is completely changed. I am stronger and happier and actually I don’t even feel like the same person."
  • "I can’t recommend enough the freeing quality of the highly professional, compassionate and caring attention Pauliann has given me."
  • "Today we are equipped with strength, communication tools, happiness and a real deep love not hampered by fear or walls of insecurity."
  • "Pauliann is, by far, the best resource I’ve ever had for helping me to understand my own emotions and teaching me healthy ways to cope."
  • "I work with Pauliann because she provides a safe space where I can try out new ways of thinking and being, expel thoughts and emotions which hold me back, and explore and discover myself."
  • "Pauliann is a very grounded, genuine person who I trust. I look forward to continuing to work with her on a journey to self-discovery."
  • "It feels like she customizes counseling for what best fits my personality and experiences and I appreciate that."
  • "During my work with Pauliann she would often say she wanted us to be able to live the life we always wanted...Today, thanks to her and this work, I am living that life. And it feels really great!"
  • "Pauliann has a comprehensive tool kit of skills, models, learnings, techniques and understandings to assist people with their life challenges."
  • "The connection that she builds with each one of the people with whom she works is one of significant care, concern and advocacy."
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Are you ready to change the way that you feel?

Does any of this describe you?

  • Need support in balancing the challenges of my life
  • Negativity or anger undermines healthy relationships within my family
  • Long for more effective ways of communicating
  • Want to improve my outlook and energy level
  • Experiencing divorce
  • Suffered the loss of a loved one and need assistance in moving through the grieving process.
  • In the midst of a major life transition or crisis
  • Feeling bad and depressed, often anxious
  • Suffered an emotional trauma either recently or in the past

Hi, I’m Pauliann Long, a licensed, certified counselor. For fifteen years I’ve helped people get “unstuck” through counseling and therapeutic and emotional healing techniques, that have helped transform their lives.

By assisting you to develop insight, understanding, and critical strategies to address the issues that are holding you back, you can move toward overall well-being and away from feelings of frustration and fear.

Learn more about my background and the types of work I do: Click here.

See what clients and colleagues have to say about my work and read some heartfelt stories about clients who have gone from desperation to peace and optimism after committing to counseling. Click here.

Start Getting Unstuck Today with a Free 30-Minute Phone Consultation

Choosing the right counselor is important. So is taking the first step toward changing your life, that’s why I offer a free 30 minute phone consultation that can help get you moving in the right direction in just a few days. Sign up now. It’s completely confidential.



I provide counseling and work as an individual and family therapist in the Washington D.C. Metro area, including Gaithersburg, Rockville, Potomac and Montgomery county in Md., and Alexandria, Va.