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Licensed Therapist Serving the Greater D.C. and surrounding areas.


Services & Success Stories

I have been practicing as a licensed therapist in the D.C., Washington metro, and surrounding areas for over 10 years. I am proud to be a community-based therapist, treating and supporting local clientele, and striving to serve my local community.

My expertise includes treatment of:

  • mood disorders
  • depression
  • anxiety and bipolar disorders
  • long-term effects of trauma, including childhood neglect, physical and sexual abuse
  • family systems issues, including divorce, re-marriage, blended families and parenting concerns
  • issues with the “sandwich” generation; supporting those struggling to both raise children and care for aging parents


My clients include:

  • Adults
  • Children, teens, and pre-teens
  • Families
  • Couples*

* I am experienced in, and welcome, treating couples together and individually, if you are interested in this arrangement.

I provide counseling and work as an individual and family therapist in the Washington D.C. Metro area, including Gaithersburg, Rockville, and Potomac in Montgomery County, MD, and Old Town Alexandria, VA.  Limited weeknight and Saturday appointments are available.

A Holistic Therapy and Coaching Practice

My work as a therapist is a reflection of my experience that the pursuit of happiness and well-being is a compelling journey in which we all engage. It is also a process that is often difficult and painful.  As social beings we share a common need to feel connected, but our difficulties and pain can cause us to feel disconnected from ourselves and others, unbalanced and alone.  It is through connections and relatedness to our deepest selves and each other that we find ease in our journeys.  I am committed to helping people improve their sense of balance and quality of life.

I strive to help my clients feel safe and supported; to be a compassionate and knowledgeable companion with whom to link arms.

I assist my clients in exploring the origins and dynamics of imbalance and discomfort in their lives and environments, and collaborate with them in developing insight, understanding and strategies to address these issues.

I specialize in deep emotional healing and in supporting my clients through developmental and situational life crises and transitions.

I am also deeply committed to helping heal troubled relationships, including:

  • relationships with one’s self
  • relationships among and between couples, children/adolescents, their families and peers
  • individuals in their social environments (work/educational)


I encourage my clients to participate actively in forming their goals for our work together, and in creating new ways to promote healing, health and confidence.  With expanded awareness, my clients feel assisted along their personal journeys toward these goals.

I am particularly skilled in facilitating emotional release processes, creative expression and mind-body healing.  In my experience, deep inner work combined with  attention to practical problem solving allows people to develop healthier and happier ways of being in their lives and relationships.

Please contact me for a complementary 30 minute telephone session, here. You can read what some of my clients say about our work together in the Testimonials section. Read more about my work in Success Stories below.

Success Stories

~Transforming a dying marriage~

Infidelity, a history of family addiction, and an explosive pattern of negative behavior threatened to destroy this high-powered couple’s marriage. But a commitment to deep work transformed their troubled relationship into a rock-solid trusting, loving, and authentic partnership.

When Ben and Sara came to me they were like many couples who bring unresolved past relationship issues into their marriage. By committing the time to therapy and working very hard at looking at past issues and hurts they’d both brought into their relationship, Ben and Sara experienced a “transformation” [their words] that has changed their lives immensely. They both say that they experience an “ease and openness” in their marriage that they never thought possible.

Ben and Sara’s story is an example of a long-term commitment to therapy, in which I provided treatment as a couple and to each separately.

~Remembering to value herself changes everything for a woman trying to “do it all”~

A frazzled wife and working mother “sandwiched” between kids, a special needs child and a live-in elderly parent, struggled, without help from her husband, to try to juggle her many commitments.  She felt burned-out, overwhelmed, and was neglecting to take care of her own health and needs. We couldn’t take much off her plate, but through working on regaining a sense of competence and helping organize her life into manageable chunks, Susan’s self-esteem soared and her family relationships became markedly improved.

Marie came to me at the end of her rope. She was trying to take care of everyone, and in the process, had forgotten about and neglected herself. One by one we worked on each issue, and to Marie’s surprise, she revealed to me how much she hated her job. By relearning how to focus on and value herself without guilt, she quit her job, found a new one she loved, and her overall happiness and ability to cope improved remarkably.

Marie and Susan’s stories illustrate how we often need help uncovering an area of our life that may need fixing, but that’s been buried underneath other things we “think” are wrong. A practical approach to helping manage immediate needs is often the best way to begin therapy.

Pauliann Long, LCSW, Therapist