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100 Questions To Inspire Rapid Self-Discovery

Good Morning!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Since it’s Monday, and we all may be dragging a little bit, I wanted to share something uplifting and fun for today. Here are a list of 100 questions, meant to help inspire rapid self-discovery. Have you ever taken the time to sit down and really think about your life? Your goals? Where you are, where you wanted to be? Well, if not, there is no better time then now! Check out this great blog post from Alexandra Frazen and find out for yourself. Enjoy 🙂

Here are just a few to get you started:

ϟ What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received?

ϟ What’s one thing you’re deeply proud of — but would never put on your résumé?

ϟ What’s the most out-of-character choice you’ve ever made?

ϟ If a mysterious benefactor wrote you a check for $5,000 and said, “Help me solve a problem — any problem!” … what would you do with him or her?

ϟ What’s going to be carved on your (hypothetical) tombstone?

ϟ What are you FREAKISHLY good at?

ϟ What’s one dream that you’ve tucked away, for the moment? How come?

ϟ What are you STARVING for?

ϟ If you could have tea with one fictional character, who would it be?

ϟ Do you have a morning ritual?

ϟ Do you believe in magic? When have you felt it?

ϟ Is there something that people consistently ask for your advice on? What is it?

ϟ Have you ever fantasized about changing your first name? To what?

ϟ When was the last time you astonished yourself?

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