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4 Keys to Coping When You Live with Depression

When you live with depression, nearly everything feels like a struggle. Sometimes, something as simple as getting up in the morning seems like a monumental task.

But, because so many people struggle with depression on a daily basis, it’s important to understand different ways of coping with it.

Of course, counseling and various holistic forms of treatment can help. But, understanding how to deal with it on your own each day can also make a big difference in how you feel.

Let’s examine a few key ways to cope each day when you live with depression.

1. Find Your Support System

Many people think they have to go through the ins and outs of depression alone. Even if you’re already seeking help or treatment for the condition, a strong support system will always help.

Family, friends, or even support groups are great resources. The simple knowledge of knowing there are people you can count on—who will love and support you no matter what—can take a huge weight off your shoulders.

2. Take Care of Yourself

Taking care of yourself physically by getting enough sleep, eating a healthy diet, and exercising is actually a great way to manage your symptoms of depression.

Sleep disorders and disturbances are commonly linked to depression. Adopting healthy sleep habits will allow you to wake up feeling more refreshed and ready to face the day, rather than dreading it.

You can actually help to improve your sleep by being more active and eating right. Multiple studies link nutrition and mental health. In addition, certain deficiencies in diets can lead to a whole slew of problems.

If you don’t feel as though you can make any major changes to your diet, try supplementing it with daily vitamins.

3. Conquer Some Symptoms

Everyone experiences depression a bit differently. But, there are some common symptoms that most people deal with when they’re struggling. Some of these symptoms include fatigue and a lack of energy.

That can make it difficult to do something as simple as household chores. You might even find yourself procrastinating at work, or in your social life.

Unfortunately, giving into these symptoms can make matters worse. As a result, you may start to feel even lower about yourself.

Trying to work through some of the common symptoms of depression can make it easier to fight.

Working with a counselor or therapist will give you some resources and tools to tackle your toughest symptoms and feel a bit more like yourself.

4. Be Kind to Yourself

It’s easy to beat yourself up for being depressed, or not getting things done in your life that you want to because of your struggles.

Instead of berating yourself with negative thoughts, be kind.

A little self-compassion can go a long way. When you start being more kind to yourself, you just might find that fighting some of the other signs and symptoms of depression gets a little easier.

Getting Help When You Need It

Though these tips are meant to help you get through the daily struggles of depression, don’t let things get so bad that you feel there is no hope.

Help is available and should be utilized if you can’t cope on your own. These keys can be helpful in addition to professional help.

If you’re still struggling with depression, contact me. We’ll work on this journey together, using practices and exercises specific to your needs and feelings.

As stated above, everyone deals with depression differently. Therefore, there is no one way to “treat” it. By using different techniques and resources, we can get to the bottom of your daily struggles, and start finding solutions.

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