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“If you leave the world better than you found it, there isn’t any job title that will surpass that success.”

Today we are sharing a quick article from  entitled ‘5 Questions to Determine Your Success.’

“We are raised in a society where one of the first things somebody asks us is, “What do you do for a living?” as if that somehow defines who we are. That question absolutely drives me batty! So much so, that I used to freeze up and try to come up with something beyond just, “I’m a waitress.” I would first start spouting off a list of all the things that I was pursuing and really doing and then finally get around to the fact that I make my money waiting tables. What a crappy way to live. What a crappy way to have to think that somehow I wasn’t going to be seen as good enough because of what I ‘do’.

Thankfully, what I’ve since come to learn and believe for myself and for all of us is, true success is how you have added value to the lives of others and this planet.”

To find out what these five important questions are and read more from the original article visit:

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