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8 Ways to Be Kind to Yourself

Many of us struggle to treat ourselves with kindness. For some reason we’re often nicer to others than we are to ourselves. Good self-care isn’t that different from effective parenting. As parents we want to balance clear expectations for our kids with an understanding that they’re human and imperfect. In the same way, looking out for ourselves means holding ourselves to standards that aren’t too loose or too tight. This approach allows us to experience a balance of pleasure and mastery, the two types of reward that make life feel enjoyable and worthwhile.”

1. Sleep Tight
2. Nourish Your Body and Brain
3. Move Your Body
4. Manage Stress
5. Engage the Real World
6. Spend Time Outside
7. Serve Others
8. Give Thanks

To read more about each these eight suggestions from Dr. Aaron Beck, click here for the full article link and learn more about each one.

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