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9 Ways Yoga May Improve Your Life

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We don’t need to go into the full speech on why we think yoga is great and a useful tool in a holistic healing approach. But we did want to share an article from Health Wire that breaks down nine possible ways that yoga can improve your life.

Although yoga — as well as the pants it has inspired — has become hugely popular in recent decades, it’s still not widely acknowledged in a lot of mainstream health and fitness sources.’

‘Many people are still turned off by the “new-age” aspects of the activity.’

‘Even more find the poses and stretches intimidating, and few men are willing to give it a try.’

‘What people who don’t practice yoga might not realize is that there is much more to it than body contortions and chanting. Yoga is not just reserved for tofu-eating hippies and acrobats…’

‘That’s why today I’d like to outline for our readers all the major benefits anyone can get from practicing yoga — including beginners and veteran yogis — as well as how you can easily incorporate them into your life. (HealthWire)”  What are some of those benefits you may ask?

According to this author’s opinion they are:

-Stress relief

Don’t let any of these things intimidate you. Click on the original article link here to learn more about each one and why giving yoga a try in your life might be worth some of the benefits. To learn more about our holistic and integrative healing processes and how Inner Passages Therapy can help you, visit: today!

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