Pauliann Long, LCSW-C



Behavioral & Perception Change

Perception is the sense we make out of all our experiences—our thoughts, physical feelings, emotions, and moods. Behavior is the outward expression of our perception. It is what we do with the information, experienced and interpreted through all the senses we have available to us, when we choose to respond to our experience.

Our perception both colors and fuels our behavior. So how we feel about any given experience influences how we respond and react, which we often develop into patterned responses. Most of my clients come to me when some combination of thinking and behaving is causing them to feel painfully stuck in one or more of these response patterns, which they perceive and characterize as “negative,” “dark,” “lonely,” and “scary.”

Many people who turn to therapy have already reached a stage where they feel overwhelmed, scared, angry, or disconnected. With work, we can turn those negative and fearful emotions around and build a safe and trusting course forward. It’s of utmost importance to me that I help lessen my clients’ fears by creating an environment where each and every person I work with feels safe and supported. Therapy can be hard work. I strive to make it easier. I want those I work with to know that with me they have a knowledgeable and compassionate partner who will guide them on their journey toward living a pain free and fuller life.

It is my goal to provide clients with a toolbox of practical strategies, through processes and practices so that when they are out in the real world they have what they need. For nearly 20 years, I’ve helped people get unstuck through counseling and emotional healing techniques. At the onset my promise to my clients is that they will have the full benefit of my experience and that I will work just as hard as each client who comes to my door to assist them on their personal journeys. This work goes far beyond scheduled therapy sessions.

What many clients may not realize is the long-term effects of pain. Even events from the distant past can  hold them back from attaining a sense of ease and wellbeing in present relationships, work and daily life. I am committed to helping all of my clients improve their sense of balance and quality of life.