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Can You Change Your Strengths? What to do if you find your strengths disappointing

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Today we are sharing an article from about our individual strengths and how we can change them if we truly want to!

Can You Change Your Strengths?
What to do if you find your strengths disappointing.
By Michelle McQuaid
From Functioning to Flourishing

For most of us, discovering our strengths – those things we’re good at and actually enjoy doing – sounds like a good idea.  After all a growing body of research suggests doing what we do best each day at work may help to improve our confidence, our performance and our happiness.  But what happens if you complete a strengths assessment like the VIA Survey or Gallup StrengthsFinder, only to find that your results are neither what you want or need in your job?

“I sound like a nun!” complained a recent coaching client. The truth is there’s no guarantee that just because you’re good at something and enjoy doing it, these will be the strengths you’re excited to have.  Repeatedly I see people who feel disappointed about how boring their strengths are, worried their strengths have nothing to do with their job, or just want completely different strengths like “self-regulation” to draw upon.

But if you don’t like your strengths is there really anything you can do to change them?

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