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Contemplating Yoga Around the World

As you know I believe in yoga as medicine by the practice of yoga therapy.  Yoga therapy focuses on individual issues and concerns, which you’re unable to address in group settings. Increasingly, health care and medical care professionals accept, practice, and prescribe yoga therapy due to the significant and growing body of clinical research that documents yoga’s proven health benefits for a wide range of health conditions including anxiety and depression, hypertension, physical conditions such as back pain, inflammation of all kinds, insomnia, brain health, addictions and other compulsive behaviors, and more.

In today’s article share entitled ‘Contemplating Yoga Around the World’ photographer Andy Richter, set out on a mission to deeply explore yoga, including visiting with many masters around the world. This article shares some beautiful images that capture what yoga means to different cultures in our world. Visit the article from the New York Times by clicking here, and see some sample photos below.

Bhandari Baba, a yogi who has been silent over 10 years, meditating in his cave in the foothills above Rishikesh, India.


Students during a weekly yoga class for pregnant teenagers at Thomas Riley High School in Los Angeles.

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