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Coping With Mental Stress of The Holidays

The holidays are coming up and sometimes they can be taxing for us mentally. Here is a very interesting article from about coping with mental illness during the holidays. It talks about a variety of topics including:

-Being estranged from family and friends resulting in loneliness during the holiday season.
-Having an eating disorder and having to face the issue head-on during family gatherings and parties that center around food.
-Dealing with alcoholism or other addiction with alcohol being a main attraction during holiday get-togethers.
-Stress and anxiety that comes along with hosting holiday season celebrations or going to too many events.
-It’s the holidays and your therapist or doctor is out of town.

Check it out at the article link here.  If you are looking for professional, caring help to get you through the holidays and provide long-term support visit us at: 

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