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Did You Know?!

Good morning bloggers!

Well, Monday is officially here again. I hope that everyone had a happy and satisfying weekend!
Did you know, that I am a Psychology Today certified therapist? You can check out my listing on the Psychology Today website, here. My expertise includes treatment of mood disorders, including depression, anxiety and bipolar disorders; the long term effects of trauma, including childhood neglect, physical and sexual abuse; family systems issues, including divorce, remarriage, blended families and parenting concerns. I am skilled in facilitating emotional release processes, creative expression and mind-body healing.
So, if you need help, or think you may need help, please feel free to contact me! Even if you don’t know where to start, or simply need someone to talk to, my doors are open. I am in the Gaithersburg, Maryland area and am here to help my clients in any way I can.
Best wishes for the rest of your week!
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