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Gaining Happiness by Losing Yourself

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Today we are sharing an article from entitled ‘Gaining Happiness by Losing Yourself.’  This is a great read which talks about  being able to lose yourself in order to help treat other mood and emotional issues that you may have going on. It also talks about the importance of being able to recognize situations that aren’t favorable and learning how to deal with it by stepping away from yourself to see the entire situation.

“A dissolution of body boundaries during meditation leads to greater happiness, says a new study. The results provide evidence that techniques that foster the loss of sense of body boundary can help in the treatment of mood disorders.

In the pursuit of happiness we are often self-centered. I want an ice cream, I want to watch my favorite TV show, I want this woman or man as partner. This hedonic principle can lead to pleasurable states when I am able to consume. But it can also lead to unpleasant situations when I don’t get what I want.’

‘With their recent happiness model called the Self-centeredness/Selflessness Happiness model, Michael Dambrun and Matthieu Ricard have developed an idea of how we learn to become happy grownups. In essence, they argue that self-centeredness develops when we take our condition to be more important than the condition of others; the self is experienced with sharp boundaries and as separate from the others and the world.”

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