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Hello Spring! 7 Ways the Season Invites Us to Change, sharing an article from

Dear Friends,

Moving from winter into spring is a big transition time for many of us. Change is happening like crazy everywhere. Today I am sharing with you an article that I received via email from I love this list of ways to think about the energy of this season!

While I’m not endorsing the products mentioned in the article, I enjoy thinking about how I can “spring clean” & reinvigorate my own practices so I thought it was worth sharing. Enjoy the article below! And, Happy Spring!!

Hello Spring! 7 Ways the Season Invites Us to Change
“Today is the first day of spring—and if we’re sensitive to it, we can actually feel the force of the season calling us to wake up from winter and align with the energy of new things to come.

Here are seven ways to to snap out of “hibernation mode” and catch the spirit of springtime:

1. Start moving Shake off those winter doldrums and get your energy flowing. TRY ChiWalking by Danny Dreyer, AM/PM Qigong by Robert Peng, or Presence Through Movement with Kim Eng

2. Loosen up Spring is the season for thawing the frozen places (even within)—an invitation for us to break through the obstacles and old habits that limit our well-being. TRY Self-Compassion Step-by-Step with Kristin Neff, Radical Forgiveness by Colin Tipping, or Getting Unstuck by Pema Chödrön

3. Tune in and align The surging energy of springtime is palpable if we’re sensitive to it. Tune in to the vital flow that connects us all. TRY Energy Healing for Beginners by Ann Marie Chiasson, Energy Clearing by Cyndi Dale, or Chakra Balancing by Anodea Judith

4. Reboot your practice No more excuses (the floorboards aren’t that cold any more). If your meditation or yoga practice stalled this past winter, it’s time to spring back into action! TRY Meditation in Seven Steps by Reginald A. Ray or The Power of Kundalini Yoga by Karena Virginia

5. Nurture new growth As the natural world begins to flourish, we too can find new pathways for creative expression and the unfolding of our potential. TRY The Anatomy of Your Health by Caroline Myss, Leap First by Seth Godin, or Creativity on Demand by Michael J. Gelb

6. Lighten your plate Have you started mixing in more seasonal produce? Wave goodbye to winter—and to those heavy winter meals, too. TRY The Mindful Appetite by Susan Albers, Intuitive Eating by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch, or Pleasurable Weight Loss by Jena la Flamme

7. Expand your horizons While the world around us turns from winter to spring, we can also shift the way we look at things both within and without. TRY Art of Attention by Elena Brower and Erica Jago, Shift into Freedom by Loch Kelly, or The Neuroscience of Change by Kelly McGonigal”

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