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How Meditation Can Actually Improve Your Cellular Health

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Today we are sharing another article talking about the incredible benefits to meditation. Science is finally catching up to what many have known for hundreds of years…meditation is good for the body too, not just the soul. In this article from Collective Evolution it talks about how science has finally caught up and is recognizing that there are changes at the cellular level with daily meditation practices.

A group of American researchers performed a study on participants at a 5-day retreat offered regularly by Deepak Chopra’s infamous Chopra Center for Wellbeing (Carlsbad, CA, USA) at the vacation resort OMNI La Costa Resort and Spa. Researchers invited women between the ages of 30 and 60 who did not have experience meditating to participate in the study and then divided them into two groups: those who would participate in the retreat (“novice meditators”) and those who would simply stay at the resort (“vacationers”). Researchers compared their results against each other and also to those of women already enrolled in the retreat who were in the same age bracket and meditated regularly (“regular meditators”). The participants’ health was examined before and after five days of staying at the resort and then maintenance assessments were completed one month and 10 months later.’


‘Standard psychological measures were used to determine participants’ depression symptoms and perceived levels of stress, mindfulness, and vitality. Participants also had their blood drawn on days one and five of the study. For more information on specifics of the blood draw, processing, biomarker assays, and RNA sequencing of blood samples, click here.’

‘Although all three groups experienced significant improvements in mental health, novice meditators showed much greater improvements in regards to depression in comparison to the vacationers, especially at the 10-month marker. It is clear from these findings that short-term vacation effects improve well-being; however, it is evident that there are long-term benefits from learning meditation as well.’

‘While on vacation, genes that are typically required for dealing with stress, wound healing, and injury are down-regulated. Among the ones that were down-regulated post retreat/vacation were MME and FOXO3, both of which are referred to as stress-related genes. This study is believed to be the first documentation that a stress reduction intervention can decrease FOXO3 expression.” ( To read the rest of the article click here for the original article link.

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