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In the Wake of the Election… Taking Heart

We love this article and think it’s important for anyone who is feeling more stressed now than ever to take a look at.

“What do you do when the bottom falls out? Take heart. 

Why? It takes heart to live in even ordinary times. By “taking heart,” I mean several related things:

Sensing your heart and chest 
Finding encouragement in what is good both around you and inside you 
Resting in your own warmth, compassion, and kindness; resting in the caring for you from others; love flowing in and love flowing out 
Being courageous, whole-hearted and strong-hearted—going forward wisely even when anxious, knowing your own truth and as you can speaking it
When you take heart, you’re more able to deal with challenges like aging, illness, trauma, or conflicts with others. You’re also more able to take advantage of opportunities with confidence and grit.”

CLICK HERE to read “Taking Heart”  by Rick Hanson.

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