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Mindful Meditations for a Peaceful Evening

Good afternoon,

Today we are sharing an article from Psychology Today entitled ‘A Mindful Evening.’ This article shares a few brief meditations from one author’s book. As you know here at Inner Passages we believe that meditation can be a useful tool for helping get through the daily stressors of life, or to help rejuvenate ourselves each day.

“How much time do you spend running scenarios in your head, with thoughts like, Perhaps I should have done this instead… or, maybe if I had chosen x instead of y…? Implicit in this kind of exercise is an imaginary comparison between the present state of affairs and some imagined better state of affairs. This sort of thought exercise posits an alternate reality and then invidiously compares the present reality to the, well, fake reality. You will almost never come out ahead in such mental exercises, so it is best to stop running the scenarios as soon as possible. Say a mantra or recite the Declaration of Independence. Most thoughts are better than the proverbial Monday morning quarterback exercise of examining the past.”

Take a look at the three examples from A Mindful Evening and see what you think! If you want to learn specific meditation techniques which can help you, contact us today!

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