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On hand for the holidays: culinary stress-busters!

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Today we are sharing an article from entitled ‘On hand for the holidays: culinary stress-busters!’ This is a fun and informative quick read about some essential foods you may want to have around to help reduce stress over the next few weeks. As we all know good health is about the whole picture and eating some of these delicious goodies just may help!

Here we go! The cascade of the holidays starts now.

On Thanksgiving we focus on the traditional feast, our special menu or dish we have GOT to have. 4 days to make, 4 minutes to eat. Whew! But November is about SO much more than that ONE big meal.
According to the sages of Traditional Chinese Medicine, November is the transition time into winter, a time to go inward, hibernate, rest, read books, and enjoy quiet. The weather is changing, and the body needs nourishment and care to stay healthy. But in our world, this is the time we have to bust it out!. Run around to holiday parties, put on a happy face, eat sugary treats, run around the malls, deck the halls, cope with family shenanigans — in short, dial up the stress!
The good news: a little strategic shift and planning and cooking ahead could make this holiday season a whole new experience.

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