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People who meditate are more aware of their unconscious brain

Integrative Medicine and holistic healing can encompass a variety of methods to plan for a better “you.” Here at Inner Passages, we often encourage deeper thought and meditation for some of our clients. There are many proven benefits to this and today we are sharing an article which sheds some light into another awesome aspect to meditation: becoming more aware of our subconscious.  Take a look below and follow the link to read the full article.
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People who meditate are more aware of their unconscious brain
By Clare Wilson

“People who meditate are more aware of their unconscious brain activity – or so a new take on a classic “free will” experiment suggests.

The results hint that the feeling of conscious control over our actions can vary – and provide more clues to understanding the complex nature of free will.

The famous experiment that challenged our notions of free will was first done in 1983 by neuroscientist Benjamin Libet. It involved measuring electrical activity in someone’s brain while asking them to press a button, whenever they like, while they watch a special clock that allows them to note the time precisely.

Typically people feel like they decide to press the button about 200 milliseconds before their finger moves – but the electrodes reveal activity in the part of their brain that controls movement occurs a further 350 milliseconds before they feel they make that decision. This suggests that in fact it is the unconscious brain that “decides” when to press the button.”

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