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Research Suggests How to Declutter the Mind

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Today we are sharing an article from about how to declutter your mind and work through an issue that you can’t leave.

“You’ve had a disagreement with a friend and can’t seem to get it out of your head. Replaying the exchange of words over and over again, you wish it never happened. Or perhaps there’s a person you work with or see frequently who just plain irritates you no end but from whom you can’t escape. No matter how hard you try, you can’t get the reminders out of your head of all the things this person does that irritate you.  This cluttering-up process of going over and over the unproductive and distressing thoughts in your mind, or rumination, was investigated in relation to measures of well-being by Manhattan College’s Kelly Marin and University of Wisconsin’s Elena Rotondo (2017). Their study, in which college students recorded their stressful experiences over a 3-day period, shows just how dysfunctional the rumination process can be.”

To continue reading more about some strategies you can use to help work through mental road blocks, visit the article link here. 

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