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Staying Positive in Crazy Times an article by Peggie Arvidson

Staying Positive in Crazy Times
It’s becoming universally harder to be spiritual in our world. At a time when we need a sense of connection and light, it might seem we’re being tested beyond our capacity to love. My sense is that the crises are there to bring us face-to-face with our own humanity.

It’s a call to look within and heal, rather than point fingers and blame.

In Spiritual circles, we like to think that we’re “hip” to the fact that everything that occurs around us, everything that comes within our consciousness, is something that we invited into our life. That, in fact, the fear and anger and pain is a mirror of something that is lurking under the surface in our subconscious.

So, if there are so many of us working to enlighten and heal, why do tragic events still occur? I mean, if we’re working so hard to be healed and loving, wouldn’t the mirroring effect take place and create a world free from pain and suffering?

Well, yes and no.

While I can’t speak for my colleagues, I know that I’m still a work in progress, and that fear lurks, not always below the surface, and I’m prone to anger and frustration on any given day. I’d like to think that my irritation with the guy in front of me on I-66 or my anger at my neighbor who allows her dog to poop on my front yard isn’t that “big” in the grand scheme of world events. But I know differently. I know that even the mildest disconnect with my true self – my soul, if you will – puts me out of alignment with the Divine. When I’m out of alignment, I’m inviting more irritation and anger into my world.

This is true for you as well.

When each of us buys into the myth that we are not beings of light and love, we invite more darkness into our realm. The darkness shows up in so many ways – from the aforementioned frustrations to bigger and more global challenges.

Once you start believing that you are the sole cause of your discomfort, and that you are responsible for creating peace in your life, it becomes a daily practice to move into the space of “lightness.” You see, you and I always have a choice.

We have a choice to watch the news and buy into mass hysteria, we have a choice to “get in the last word” in any altercation, and we have a choice to argue and rage and pontificate to try to change someone else’s position on any topic. The choice is always ours.

We’re not terrible people when we let the frustrations of our days into our minds and hearts. We’re not less worthy of love because of our human tendencies to see the bad and the ugly. However, we are given the opportunity in every single moment to lean into something different. We have the chance to change our minds and to look for the good, the glimmer of hope, and the love that is actually always there. Light cannot exist without darkness, and fear cannot exist where there is love.

Love is the complete and utter absence of fear.

The next time you’re feeling fear, ask yourself if fear is the most beneficial emotion for you. Ask yourself if you can find a glimmer, a corner, a sparkle of love, and if you can, lean into it. Let it expand and crowd out the fear. If you can do this, second by second, you can be part of the solution to heartbreak and tragedy.

Ours is not the task of fixing the entire world at once, but of stretching out to mend the part of the world that is within our reach.

– Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes

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