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How to Discuss Tough Relationship Topics with Your Partner

Long-term relationships have rough spots and tough conversations. They just come with relationship territory. Totally normal. Completely okay. And really uncomfortable. Those rough spots are hard to talk about. Tensions rise. Hurt and irritation crackle between you. Your loving connection seems to fray every time you go “there.” So, in the interest of peace, you don’t talk about those topics…but neither of you really have much...

Couples Therapy: Why You Should Go & What You Can Expect

When you think of couples therapy, where does your mind go? Do you think of all the benefits and helpful guidance you’ll receive? Or, do other less positive thoughts come to mind? Perhaps the following thoughts seem familiar: “Isn’t couples therapy a last resort?” “Don’t couples just spend the hour venting and stirring up trouble to take back home?” “Aren’t we admitting that...