Pauliann Long, LCSW-C




Kerry and Dan, Communications Executives
We came to Pauliann three years ago as a couple with a fractured ability to communicate, heavy bags full of childhood fear and anger, three divorces and countless failed relationships between us.  But we also brought a sincere desire to endure the pain and anguish in order to get beyond it to a world of emotional health and joy.  Certainly we knew the life we wanted to share together … despite the fact that neither of us had witnessed much of that kind of life among many of those around us over the years.  We just didn’t know how to get there.

Pauliann led us there.  We were able to trust her essentially with our life and through her patience and expertise she worked with us to peel back the layers of pain and hurt we both individually buried for years, and allowed us to find out who we really are and the joy and contentment we could reach in ourselves and each other.

It was hard work and there were days when it was hard to keep at it. But Pauliann was always honest with us, she always saw where we needed to go and helped us every step of the way to get there.  She was able to identify areas where we could grow and not only come together as a stronger and so much happier couple, but to get to our core as individuals. Through her belief in this work and dedication to not giving up on us, Pauliann’s compassion and understanding helped us regroup and always move forward. Regardless of the circumstances she was never judgmental and saw every new door to the past as an opening to a more peaceful and more promising future.  And when we backslid, and we did, Pauliann was compassionate, patient and always encouraging.

Today our relationship is better than either of us could have ever imagined. Without Pauliann we don’t know where we would be but we know it would be an unhappy place where we’d still be struggling with the same demons. Today we are equipped with strength, communication tools, happiness and a real deep love not hampered by fear or walls of insecurity.  Our message to anyone experiencing the same combination of contemporary difficulties and the long-lingering problems that contributed to them is to place your faith and trust in Pauliann and let her be your guide through the darkness and turmoil.  As she showed us… there is a better life at the end of the journey.

J.M, Mother of children with special needs
Since working with Pauliann I am more capable of accessing insight into myself and others which means I can more readily connect the dots to figure out how to move forward through difficulties. Pauliann makes me feel comfortable and at ease and has done so from the beginning of our work together. I work with Pauliann because she provides a safe space where I can try out new ways of thinking and being, expel thoughts and emotions which hold me back, and explore and discover myself. Pauliann is open to unconventional ideas and has opened my eyes to new thought processes and ideas that I would have never thought I could own as my own. She makes me feel important and worthwhile and I feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to work with her.

M.T., Investment banker
I enjoy working with Pauliann because she has encouraged me to be more accepting of myself. It has helped me immensely to talk with her about some personal and relationship issues. She has always been an objective sounding board who gently coaxes me on to the right cognitive path. We have also done some guided imagery which I found to be very powerful. Pauliann is a very grounded, genuine person who I trust. I look forward to continuing to work with her on a journey to self-discovery.

For years I had carried around the memories of childhood pain.  Yet somehow I managed to be successful in my professional life and convinced myself I had triumphed over a troubled childhood. But there was always a sense of being  different from others, at least in terms of my relationships. It was one failure after another, always winding up at the same place and wondering how I got there, blaming myself and asking myself why was I never good enough.

Instead of dealing with the pain, it seemed easier to keep moving forward without any help from anyone.  In my mind, therapy was never an option: too hard, too painful.  I also told myself that with an alcoholic parent still much in my life it would be a betrayal. I convinced myself I had handled it all, that none of it affected me. Until Pauliann helped me see that the fact was that it had affected me and my relationships and would continue to do so unless I opened up and came to terms with it all.

I am so thankful my husband and I came to Pauliann. My life is completely changed. I am stronger and happier and actually I don’t even feel like the same person. The girl who walked into her office broken and crying three years ago is becoming more and more of a distant memory. Working each week with Pauliann to address and release the pain of a childhood in a household of addiction and dysfunction, I finally was able to let it go, accept and forgive and let out a sigh of relief and to trust again, maybe for the first time ever for real.

Pauliann and the emotional work helped me finally get back to who I was meant to be. My only regret is that I waited so many years. There are very few people who you can say truly changed your life. Pauliann did that for me. I can finally be at peace, finally stop distrusting and searching. And with the tool set she’s helped me build I feel stronger and more capable to deal with anything that might come my way. I’ll never be able to thank Pauliann enough for saving my marriage and helping me become the person I always was deep inside, just by letting go of so much hurt. During my work with Pauliann she would often say she wanted us to be able to live the life we always wanted, the life we deserved to have. Today, thanks to her and this work, I am living that life. And it feels really great.

It’s an amazing thing to be so deeply involved in the troubles of the present that you have no insight into the root causes of those troubles, causes that had taken root in the earliest years of childhood.  Coming to Pauliann with my wife to work through our difficulties in the here and now I was stunned to unearth deep-seated pain, aloneness and behavior that consistently got in the way of truly enjoying life in the here and now and having the kind of healthy relationships we all deserve and aspire to.

Pauliann cast a light into my childhood and made me realize – plain and simple – that it wasn’t my fault. She helped me learn that I did not have to carry the burdens of those who had hurt me and let me down.  And that I did not need to keep silent about it anymore.  Through our conversations, processing and other techniques, Pauliann helped my expose the pain, examine the history, express the anguish and exorcise the demons of decades of suppression and self-deception.  Painful at times, the process was also invigorating and energizing and extremely freeing.  It not only helped me in my marriage, but also in my work and, indeed, in my general outlook on life and the world around me.

I will always be deeply grateful to Pauliann for all of the work I have done with her individually and with my wife.  I owe her so much for setting me free from that past and keeping me focused on the present and the future.  I know that I will always trust her to help me through whatever obstacles life puts before me… and that I put in front of me.  I can’t recommend enough the freeing quality of the highly professional, compassionate and caring attention Pauliann has given me.

Private Client
I began working with Pauliann about a year and a half ago for anxiety, insecurities, and struggles with personal relationships. Throughout our time together Pauliann has been calming, supportive, kind, and able to put things into perspective for me. I was able to quickly develop a comfort level with her which was immensely helpful. Thanks to her, I have been making progress with building confidence and learning how to deal with my anxieties on a daily basis. I have also been given strategies to help break negative thought patterns. Pauliann doesn’t give “homework” but she has given me a number of  insightful activities, meditation techniques, and supplementary reading materials to help me better understand what we have discussed during our sessions and to help me reflect on my learning. She has always been flexible with regard to scheduling  and more than willing to offer a phone session if needed. Thank you, Pauliann, for your openness, compassion, and continued service and support.

I have been working with Pauliann over a period of many years, which has overlapped with various life stages and transitions, over which my issues and needs in therapy have varied drastically. I’ve worked with Pauliann on everything from handling family issues, dealing with stress and anxiety, couples counseling, and handling other major life transitions. And at every stage I’ve felt 100% supported by Pauliann and she has been able to give me invaluable guidance every step of the way.
Prior to working with Pauliann, I had seen other psychologists and therapists, many of whom tried to push a diagnosis or medication without seeming to see me as whole person rather than a limited set of symptoms. I struggled for a long time to find a provider who would actually take my concerns or questioning diagnoses seriously. Thank goodness I found Pauliann! She has an amazing ability to listen intently and then provide in-depth learnings and guidance to help you better understand your own situation, how the physical brain and body play a role in your reactions, and gives you actual tools to work through your issues. One of the things I appreciate most about Pauliann’s approach to therapy is that she sees the WHOLE person, not just a situation, a set of symptoms, or a diagnosis. I can attribute a great deal of my recent personal growth to the guidance and tools for emotional health that Pauliann has helped me to build. I would strongly recommend Pauliann’s services to anyone! – Anna

I’m not exactly sure how to quantify the healing and coaching that has been co-created between Pauliann and I.  Her concern and the focus on me is as a whole person. All of my emotional, spiritual, psychological and physical self she takes into thought. She is also amazingly smart and up-to-date on the latest therapeutic and yoga techniques. I have learned and grown a great deal, and I look forward to a deeper working relationship. Thanks for all of your help and joy in the hard work of healing.

I worked with Pauliann for a little more than a year to disengage from an unhealthy marriage and re-establish my personal well being.  It took me a long time to acknowledge my own needs and seek professional support (think Type A, superwoman, I can handle it all…) Contacting Pauliann was the single most important step (and investment in myself) I have ever taken.  I’m now a vocal advocate for “all things Pauliann” but more importantly the premises that we all suffer hardship, no one should struggle alone, none of us are “perfect,” and there should be no fear or shame in seeking help.  Working with Pauliann transformed my thinking in ways I could not have imagined.  She is authentic, down-to-earth, non-judging, compassionate, and a continual learner herself.  I think one of my favorite parts of therapy was the interactive nature of her practice.  Yes, I talked (a lot). But we also had philosophical and intellectual conversations that made me examine my constructs and engage in new ways of looking at things.  We talked about the power of the mind and learning to direct/redirect our thoughts and energy.  She offered books, articles, and podcasts relevant to where I was in my journey.   She integrated breathing exercises and offered suggestions on meditative practice to help calm and balance me during particularly trying times. And she taught me self-compassion. I still use these tools on my own to stay grounded.  Pauliann helped me re-establish not just emotional (and associated physical) health, but rediscover my own joy.  I will never be able to say enough positive things about working with her!

Professional Testimonials

Teresa Deneau, Therapist (Village Counselors, Inc.)
Pauliann really cares… that is her most powerful skill.  She just brings this powerful connection to the table with each of her clients.  This connection that she builds with each one of the people with whom she works is one of significant care, concern and advocacy.  She works tirelessly on the client’s behalf as she guides them along life’s path.  I think of this as her greatest gift.

A definite second to that powerful asset, but nonetheless impressive is her tremendous preparation.  Pauliann has a comprehensive toolkit of skills, models, learnings, techniques and understandings to assist clients with their life challenges.  Her skill set is impressive and among the best I have seen within the field.

An integration of this skill set with her genuine caring create a powerful combination which prepares her well for clinical practice.  It is my privilege to work with her, my privilege to offer these insights and certainly my privilege to recommend her highly to anyone seeking psychotherapy services.

Lev Grotel
Pauliann has been my supervisor for two years while I was working towards my license as a Clinical Social Worker. Early in my practice I decided to concentrate on couple’s therapy and was looking for a supervisor who could support me in this challenging work. I needed someone with experience and confidence to help me grow as a therapist. Pauliann did just that.  Her warm, supportive personality and expertise allowed me to approach tough cases with confidence.  The advice and insight I gained from my sessions with Pauliann have benefited me in my work not only with couples, but also with individuals and groups. She shared with me her tremendous knowledge and resources going above and beyond just the regular supervision sessions. Working with Pauliann was a positive and rewarding experience that helped me grow as a therapist.  Her dedication to the profession of Social Work and her exemplary work as a supervisor inspired me to appreciate my profession even more and also pursue supervisor credentials in the future.

Bonnie Tarantino
Healing Pathways Director, Lead Yoga Teacher Trainer
The University of Maryland Medical School Center for Integrative Medicine

One of the most powerful gifts Pauliann brings to her practice is her ability to listen deeply on many levels.   Like an anchor drops deep down  beneath a busy current to steady itself so one can find direction or discover what treasure that  lies beneath, Pauliann has a knack for making the moment rich, safe and transformational.  The combination of her amazing psychoanalytical mind with the fearless and skilled navigational tools of yoga, meditation, visualization and Reiki make it easy for a person to settle in explore and activate their inner healer.