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The Benefits of Talking

An article on the website mentions the thought on the importance of talking, and so we wanted to share. Although it is brief, it brings up some good points.

Talking is important for everyone. It helps you stay healthy and stops your problems from getting on top of you. You should talk to people you trust including a counselor or other mental health worker which is also a good option.

This could be for you if you…
-want to talk more
-don’t want to talk more
-wonder why talking helps
-want options for people to talk to
-get angry easily
-worry too much

Why Talk to a Professional? 

Some people are good at talking, and do it a lot. Some people don’t like to talk too much but it can be helpful for everyone. It’s worth making an effort to talk through what’s going on for you with someone you trust. Good things that can come from talking are:

-It will help you sort through your thoughts and clarify whatever is going on for you at the time. While all your stuff is internal, it’s hard to see how it really works. Once you’ve had to say it out loud, it gets easier to get hold of.
-If you just worry about your problems without talking to someone about them, they probably start to seem worse and bigger than they are. Talking will cut them down to size.
Someone who’s not involved in whatever’s bothering you might suggest options you haven’t thought of.
-If you’re talking to someone neutral, but caring, they won’t take sides or push an agenda.
-Talking is like a pressure valve for your head. Switch it on once in a while.

Talk to who?

You’re going to want to pick someone you trust to talk about things that are bothering you. It might be a friend, family member, teacher, doctor or other person you see often. You may also want to consider talking to a counselor. They can help you get the skills and help of someone who’s trained to be a good person to talk to, so it’s worth considering too.

Some counselors specialize, so you can get someone who’s experienced in dealing with whatever’s going on – whether it’s drugs, sadness, anger, sex, stress, family issues, school, or anything else.

What can I do now?

-Write down a list of people you trust who you can talk to
-If you want to talk to someone outside the situation, call a helpline
-Find out some great tips for better communication

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