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The Essence of Doing and How It Consumes You

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“Most people spend most minutes of most days doing one thing after another.’ ‘For all the “labor-saving” devices of the past 50 years – dishwashers, phone machines, word processors, etc. – most of us are laboring more, not less. For example, in terms of employment, the average work week in America has gotten longer over the past 50 years. Meet someone and ask how he or she is, the answer is likely: “busy.” Doing is a huge part of life, yet we don’t usually bring much awareness or wisdom to it.”

We understand that ‘doing’ is a part of life, it’s the way we’re programmed, it’s the way society expects us to be. However there are ways you can change how you relate to the ‘doing’ in your life and how you can bring meaning to it.  “So the crux is not so much the doing itself but our relationship to it. How can we do what we do without getting pressed and stressed, contracted and driven, about it?” (CLICK HERE to view the entire article from Psychology today.)

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