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The Importance of Thinking Better Of Ourselves

Today we are sharing an excerpt from an article entitled ‘One Hard Thing You Must Start Doing (To Stop Being Your Own Worst Enemy)’ written by Marc Chernoff. This article is raw and brings to the forefront what a lot of us can find ourselves struggling with daily… insecurities.

“Truth be told, all of us, to a greater or lesser extent, suffer in precisely the way my friend does.  There isn’t a person among us who doesn’t have insecurities—some of us are just better at coping with them, or perhaps hiding them.

We worry about what other people think of us.  We worry about our appearance.  We worry if she’ll like us.  We worry if he likes that other woman.  We worry that we’re not accomplishing all that we should be.  We worry that we’ll fall flat on our faces.  We worry that we’re not enough just the way we are.  And of course, we worry about all those foolish, thoughtless things someone once said about us.

And social media—with its culture of getting us to seek constant approval with virtual likes and hearts—with its endless highlight reel of perfect bodies and epic travels—it only intensifies the problem.”

The article goes on to talk about our feelings of inadequacy and some tools to help us start practicing thinking better of ourselves. Like Marc says “it’s perhaps the hardest thing we all need to do for ourselves. We need to NOT be our own worst enemies when it comes to self-image. But that takes practice.  Lots of it…”  To continue reading the article CLICK HERE for the full, original version.

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