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The Power Of Regret (And Why You Should Always Choose Courage)

“Regret seems to take hold of the heart in a way that other states and emotions do not. Many other emotional states, however much power they may hold for a time, are dynamic. That is to say, most of us will recover from them even if we don’t want to, and even if it’s only to get into a state of numbness. Regret’s power however, is in its sense of permanence.”

Does that statement hold true for you? If so you are not alone. The human spirit is resilient and can overcome so much, so why is it that regret seems to take hold on us when all else fades away? Why do they say that Heartbreak is transient but regret is eternal?

“Regret is a powerful thing. But it’s opposite, surprisingly, is not acceptance; it’s not simply “moving on.” I wager that the opposite of regret is courage. The courage to be the person who tries and fails, who searches and finds nothing in return, who endures with little to show but experience, and who loves and hurts.” (To read more of this article visit the link here

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