Pauliann Long, LCSW-C



Therapy & Coaching

Therapy is a process of meeting with a therapist to resolve certain problematic issues, including mental and emotional concerns, relationship and family disturbances, loss and grief, and other life transitions and problems.

Coaching is a process of addressing personal projects and growth, life goals and successes as defined by the client, as well as general life conditions and transitions. At Inner Passages, I weave the core tenet of coaching—that we all have everything we need inside us, even when the answers we seek appear to be blocked—into my therapy and counseling with each and every client.

I strive to create a safe place where it’s okay to explore whatever is troubling you. Creating this environment allows us to get to the heart of your emotional pain or trauma and start building better relationships, not just with others, but with yourself. It’s true that we can be our own worst critic when we really should be our own best friend.

Often when clients come to me, they have carried a burden for so long they feel like giving up, think no one else could understand, and have resigned themselves to the fact that this is the hand they’ve been dealt. I promise that is not the case. Yes, therapy is challenging. It requires showing up and doing hard work. But I vow to work just as hard for each and every one of my clients.

Part of my commitment to helping my clients is ensuring from the start we are progressing on a path and at a pace that is right for their individual situations, needs and goals in their pursuit of happiness and well-being.

Choosing the right therapist is an important and personal decision, and one that I do not take lightly. Our client-therapist relationship is a true partnership based in trust and comfort right from the beginning. My years of experience and success in helping clients and families move from a point of desperation to one of peace, happiness, and optimism has further strengthened my commitment to this work and to give 100% to each and every person that I work with.