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Three Reasons Not To Make New Years Resolutions

Happy New Year everyone! Let the adventures of life begin anew!

You might be sitting at home excited and looking forward to the unknowns of this new year. Or, you might be at home worrying about what changes this year might bring. Regardless of which thought process you might have, many people decide to write new year’s resolutions for themselves. As you probably know, the majority of people do not achieve their resolutions leaving them to feel an empty sense of failure. Is it because they were unrealistic or too out of reach? Statistics say no. Why? Because research shows that we as humans don’t change overnight and have to go through the natural process of gradual change.

According to an article from, “They (people) go from not even really considering making a change, to contemplating making one, to preparing to make the change…and THEN (and only then) do they spring into action. The actual behavior change (like starting to exercise, or going on a diet) is not the first stage of change, but the fourth.

Here’s the long and the short of it: To be successful in a New Year’s Resolution, you need to be in that fourth stage of change.” What are those four stages of change as cited in this article? Click on the full article link here to find out.

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