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Transcendental Meditation reduces stress and trauma in prisoners, fosters transformation

Here at Inner Passages we strive to focus on Integrative Healing and all accompanying parts of that. Sometimes, meditation can be a part of that healing process and good for the soul.

Today we are sharing an article from entitled ‘Transcendental Meditation reduces stress and trauma in prisoners, fosters transformation’ in which the article describes how meditation was able to help prisoners move past the stressors in their lives, caused by various forms of trauma, and begin the process of healing.

Take a look below to learn more about this incredible transformation!

“Prisoners have one of the highest rates of lifetime trauma of any segment of society, with recent surveys showing that 85% have been a victim of a crime-related event, such as robbery or home invasion, or physical or sexual abuse.

Trauma is associated with higher rates of recidivism (returning to prison) and mental and physical health conditions, including cardiovascular disease.

To try to find a remedy for the high rates of trauma among prisoners, an innovative study with Transcendental Meditation was implemented in a large group of Oregon male inmates. The results, published in The Permanente Journal online, found that after four months of practicing the Transcendental Meditation technique, inmates at two Oregon prisons had significantly reduced trauma symptoms, including anxiety, depression, dissociation, and sleep disturbance, and a significant decrease in perceived stress compared to non-meditating controls. Within the TM group, a 47% reduction in total trauma symptoms was observed over the course of the four-month study.”

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