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Why Being Selfish Is Actually A Good Thing

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We are sharing a great article from Mind Body Green entitled ‘Why Being Selfish Is Actually A Good Thing.’  Before you decide that this blog post isn’t for you please take a minute to read further. “We can all agree that our society has attached a negative connotation to the word “selfish.” It’s used in arguments to suggest that you care about yourself more than your spouse, partner, child, parent, or friend. Somehow you are deemed a “bad” person by focusing on your own needs, desires, and wants first.’

‘At the end of the day, though, every single person is selfish by definition because we can only arrive at a situation from our own viewpoint. By default, we see the world as the sum total of our past experiences. This is natural, and part of how we’re designed. In order to give fully and be a contribution to your family, friends, careers, society, and the world, you need to take care of your full self: mind, body, and soul.’

‘Merriam-Webster says that selfish can be described as concerned excessively or exclusively with oneself. Well, I propose that the word “self-full” could be defined as concerned with or responsible for the care of yourself: mind, body, and soul. It’s important to be filled up and feel full within yourself. Not full of yourself, but full within you. No one else, not your significant other or best friend, can do that or give that to you, nor are they responsible for your fulfillment.’

Here’s the other irony about being selfish, and read this carefully.

The. Most. Important. Relationship. Is. The. One. With. Yourself.’ (

To keep reading this article further and explore how taking care of yourself first can allow you to move forward visit the full article link here.

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