Pauliann Long, LCSW-C



Yoga As Medicine

Yoga therapy focuses on individual issues and concerns, which you’re unable to address in group settings. Increasingly, healthcare and medical care professionals accept, practice, and prescribe yoga therapy due to the significant and growing body of clinical research that documents yoga’s proven health benefits for a wide range of health conditions including anxiety and depression, hypertension, physical conditions such as back pain, inflammation of all kinds, insomnia, brain health, addictions and other compulsive behaviors, and more.

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Using my years of yoga practice, and my trainings at The Institute for Integrative Health at UMD (Yoga Teacher, 200 hour, and Yoga Therapy, 500 hour certifications), I often integrate both yogic philosophy and practices into my work with clients. This might look like breathing practices, a specific posture for relaxation, or perhaps a combination of poses, followed by a guided meditation for a certain healing intention—all based on an individualized plan.

I collaborate with each client in deciding which symptoms to target—for example, pain management, fatigue or sleeplessness, racing thoughts, or unwanted behaviors.  In addition to reducing or managing symptoms and suffering, our goals are also related to rooting out the causes of discomfort (whether physical or emotional), improving life function, and shifting perspective in relationship to life’s challenges.

Read a great article regarding yoga as therapy.