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Yoga Therapy: The Medicine Needed for Cancer Recovery

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Today’s article share is a special one. As you know we are big into yoga and other aspects of integrative medicine. Today’s article is an interview from The Huffington Post about yoga therapy and how one teacher has experienced the tremendous benefits it can bring to people recovering from cancer.
“Our bodies were made to move.” Cancer patients as well as many yoga teachers are fearful that yoga is dangerous to an individual who has cancer. Sitting on the couch or lying in bed just waiting for the next doctor’s appointment, chemotherapy, or radiation treatment is hurtful to the body, mind and spirit. Specialized Yoga and Meditation for Cancer Recovery classes help an individual become physically, emotionally and spiritually strong. Participants are empowered to take on whatever comes their way.
My students have told me that when their bodies are stronger they make better decisions because they trust themselves more. They are more involved in their treatment plans and recovery, and thus heal faster. When our bodies are strong, our emotions, minds, and spirits are stronger and more engaged in the healing process. This where the true power of healing lies.”
To read more of this interview click on the full article link here.

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